I'm Janine, the woman behind the camera and I am so excited you’re here! I am a wedding photographer based in Scotland and I want to share my life long passion for pictures and a love of capturing people in a meaningful, creative way. To put it simply, I aim to take great photos of you being you, just doing what you do.

I currently live in Glasgow and I'm more than happy to travel just about anywhere to capture your story. My travel fees are reasonable... because what could be better than seeing the world while getting to take pretty pictures?


Grab yourself a cup of tea and have a nosey. If you like my pictures, please get in touch here:​  Email: janinekirkwood@mail.com



I recently married (biased opinion) the most amazing man, Karl!  He's the louder, sillier half of us two and brings so much joy & laughter to my life. 


He's incredibly supportive of my photography and getting increasingly nifty with my DSLR himself. It's handy having someone around that actually reads manuals! 

Together, we love traveling to new places, especially if those said new places have food. 

Have a nosey ast our wedding day here

My favourite places


Still on my wanderlust list: Iceland, Thailand, South America, New Zealand... 


The Quiz

Cheese, city breaks, Chow Chow puppies... Time to reveal a few of my obsessions. See anything we have in common?

1. Favourite Food                             2. Role Model

3. Guilty Pleasure                             4. Favourite Instagram Account

5. Secret Talent                                 6. Someday I want to

7. Holiday of Choice                          8. All I want for Christmas is 

macaroni cheese                  Annie Leibovitz


period dramas                   @georgiarosehardy

packing light                    open a wedding venue

city break. always              a chow chow puppy

Photo: Mark Pacura

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