Grimm Tales | Snow White

I've been dying to try a styled shoot for a long time and I'm so happy it finally all came together. I got the gorgeous Taylor on board and I knew it couldn't be anything other than a dark reimagining of Snow White. My day didn't get off to the best start, I had minor car trouble, the rain was torrential and I was bitten by chihuahua ( I swear I'm not making that up) but when I saw the incredible hair and make up that Taylor's sister Amber had created I was stoked. The contrast of the Taylor’s fair skin and dark lipstick proved to be beautiful, dark, romantic – exactly what the recipe called for! I am obsessed with the outcome of these and would love this to become a regular thing. If anyone is interested in modelling for a styled photoshoot, drop me a message.

I got some gorgeous candid outtakes with Taylor and Amber. Like, how unreal are these two?! They're flippin' gorgeous.