Isle of Bute

It should really be called Isle of BEAUT!

Working full time in a jewellers as well as building a photography business means I never, and I'm not exaggerating here, never get two days off in a row. If I ever get a day off at all that is, as I always schedule photo clients around my regular job. With nothing more than luck, I had a Sunday off and then the following Monday, Tuesday as my days off in the jewellers. That calls for an adventure.

Armed with only our bikes, a rucksack each and a rail-ferry ticket, we landed in the Isle of Bute.

We cycled right round the island from Ettrick bay to Scalpsie Bay and back so I'm confident we didn't miss much. Mount Stuart asserts itself as "arguably the grandest house in the UK" and I thought, bloody hell that's a bold statement to make, the cheeky buggers. Turns out - they're not wrong! Plus, it has a greenhouse and anywhere with a Victorian greenhouse is my cup of tea.