Adventures in Wedding Planning

We're getting married.... let's write the endless list and spend thousands of pounds doing so...

One of the best things in my life currently is being a wedding photographer AND being engaged. When I'm photographing your centre pieces there's a good chance Im photographing them for your gallery but also my own wedding inspiration.

I'm that girl who had the secret Pinterest wedding board before I was actually got engaged. I've since moved on to just saving things on instagram however, I have unfortunately discovered I'm actually planning two weddings: the one inspired by Instagram and the one I can actually afford. Most of my saved images were of long outdoor tables covered in candles on Italian cobbled terraces and French vineyards. Totally happening.

With one of us being Scottish and the other Northern Irish, we were never going to please everybody from the get go. Getting married in Scotland was the obvious choice as I wanted to do most of it myself. (This utterly boggled my dad who insisted it'd be far easier to pick a hotel package and have everything organised in one fell swoop) We chose Errol Park because they host only one wedding a week and allow you access to the venue for 5 days to decorate it to your hearts content. Music to my ears. It was so sought after, it forced us to have a two year engagement when I had originally wanted to get married this May.

Planning wise, this has been a relatively lazy, unproductive year peppered with shorts bursts of mania. Wedding planning is an exercise in squaring your imagination with reality. But as we now have less than a year to go, shit's starting to get real. Errol Park is entirely DIY, so while I love that I have entirely free reign, we haven't yet agreed on any catering, we're absolutely lost on whether we need to hire staff and I've found myself googling rose gold cutlery and vintage carpet hire at 2am.

We've chosen May for hopefully the best weather to be married outdoors. The wisteria will be in full lilac bloom so it might not be Italy, but it's pretty damn close to my old Pinterest boards. I'm pinning all my hopes on good weather so we can have a very laid back outdoor wedding with lawn games, lots of flowers and foliage, a fire hazard amout of candlelight (it's brother's a fireman) and fairylights. I don’t want to share too much here…I’m hoping it’ll all be a surprise for our guests. (unless you happen to either be in my bridal party or work with me...then I've driven you insane with the details)

In regards to finding the dress, being a wedding photographer came in handy again. I went to the bridal boutiques with my best friend before her big day (pictured above) and my eyes watered as I turned over the tags on all the dresses I loved. I photographed a wedding reception in Falkirk and told the bride's mum how gorgeous her daughter's beaded gown was. "She's selling it after this on still you know" was the reply. I didn't buy THAT dress but one afternoon on this website was all I needed to find a bespoke made dress in a size 8 for the perfect price. I quickly called my mum and told her about the dress and sent her a link. I hadn't even tried it on, it was in London so I couldn't possibly and it had been handmade by a London college of fashion student so if someone else bought it, there was no second chances.


Feeling like I've broken a cardinal rule of wedding planning by not doing the whole dress fitting thing has got me wondering what other wedding traditions we can ditch to save money.

Wedding favours - Absolutely not essential in my book. I was planning on not having them at all to the horror of my colleague Gina who embarked on a mission to come up with a favour that I like. She threw dozens of suggestions my way and came up with one that I think will give everyone who knows Karl a giggle. So it looks like wedding favours may be staying after all.

Wedding Invitations - I just never got around to posting save the dates until the idea become a bit redundant. Formal invitations look like they are in danger of going the same way! I think it's fine to go digital now but I imagine some family will want them as a keepsake. It's one of the things I'll do myself, I'm feeling particularly encouraged after my bridesmaid Abbie did such a beautiful job on her mums so I know I have back up.

Order of Service - a blackboard will do right?

Wedding Cake - Karl and I aren't the biggest lovers of cake. I might rope my friends into helping me assemble a likely dodgy homemade one and save myself 5oo+ quid.

The next few months will be full of DIYs, calligraphy, and panicking. I’ve had AT LEAST ten bad dreams where it’s the day before or the morning of the wedding and I realise I haven’t done anything, so that’s clearly on my mind!
I really hope everyone coming to the wedding will leave saying ‘I couldn’t imagine anything different from them’!