Scottish Highlands Roadtrip in a Vintage Camper

Who else ever dreams of a little mid-week escape?

A road trip in a vintage VW camper van has been on my bucket list for sometime. This van's name is Bluebell and she is a beautiful, temperamental piece of machinery. She's from 1972, has 4 gears and doesn't have any modern comforts such as power steering, cruise control...or airbags. She didn't like hills all that much either, we were convinced we were rolling back down a few as she lumbered up at 10mph with Karl's foot to the floor.

We drove up through Loch Lomond, Glencoe and over the Skye bridge, through Skye and caught the ferry to Malaig, then through Glenfinnan and home through Glencoe and Loch Lomand again. I was desperate to come across some famous highland stags but no such luck! Didnt even get a photo of a highland cow.

Granted, this doesn't have anything to do with wedding photography but in a lot of ways, this blog is becoming diary of our life, and we want to be able to look back on this when we’re old and grey, like in The Notebook, and be able to read and recall and remember our greatest adventures.