Sunshine + boating + fancy dress + ALL the laughter…and well, chuck in some music because why not? This pretty much summed up last weekend. My goal this year is to say yes to more opportunities, have more fun and not let work hold me back as much as last year so when Rosie and Jim invited us to Wilderness festival with them, it was a no brainer.

We spent our time doing anything from wild swimming in the lake to watching hip hop karaoke and listening to Olivia Colman and Jennifer Saunders reading agony aunt letters. The highlight for Rosie is the fancy dress themes, hence the goddam beautiful dandelion costume!

Speaking of Rosie, I can't claim to have taken any of the photographs of Karl and I (obviously). Those are down to the talented, spirited lass that is Miss Hardy.

After a belter of a weekend, there was a six hour drive and -£37 in my bank account. No regrets.