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An East Asian Adventure

Japan has been at the top of our travel wish list for so long now and yes, it was as magical as it looks. We spent time in Hong Kong, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Shanghai.

Our trip started off a tiny bit bumpy when we were refused boarding at Heathrow over visa confusion! We ended up unexpectedly in Hong Hong, and honestly, I think it truly worked out for the better. I insisted we flew straight to Osaka as soon as possible - a tough task when you find yourselves out with some locals at 4am.

I have to thank one Hong Hong local for his teppanyaki recommendation in Osaka - I never thought I'd order (and love) chicken cooked RARE in a restaurant. But here we are!

We ticked off as many bucket list activities as we could, but there's still so much more we'd love to experience. Japan and China lived up to everything we hoped for and more. We will definitely have to book a return trip.

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