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Pretty Pink Micro Wedding With Outdoor Sunset First Dance.

Today I have the very great pleasure of sharing my first post-lockdown wedding.

Alice and Reece were supposed to originally marry and June and moved their date early on to August. I think in spring, we all believed that Covid would be over by late summer. How wrong we were. They decided to go ahead rather than postpone a second time but needed to pare back their day to its essential heart, with an intimate, late afternoon wedding surrounded by those dearest to them. 

This wedding was full of sentimental touches, starting with Sherbrooke Castle, where Alice's parents had married. Alice wore a beautiful pearl pendant that was her mother's communion necklace. Reece's uncle officiated the ceremony, and The couple opted for the reading1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 , the classic ‘Love is patient’, which is even more poignant in current circumstances.

After Dinner, we were taking family photos in glorious golden light when Alice's dad Dennis produced a portable speaker, these guys had the most romantic first dance I've ever seen in my life! As everyone joined in as the sunset, I actually teared up.

Planning your own Glasgow micro wedding? We’d love to hear from you, get in touch here!


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