Warrior Woman: Courtney

With beauty and statuesque height, it comes as no surprise to anybody who meets Courtney, that she models. Modelling was sidelined when she enrolled at University to study nursing. Here, I've asked Courtney she swapped photoshoots for patient care.

Nursing, Courtney says, is a career decision that was based on admiring her granny as a child. "As a child I grew up with my gran being a paediatric night nurse. I have always loved the bones of her. She was so kind, loving and understanding with me growing up and I knew she would have been incredible at taking care of the sick children in the hospital, which she was.

Gran absolutely loved her career. Seeing someone I love, love their job as much as my gran did, made it a natural choice for me.

It feels like a privilege to treat patients and get to know them through some of the most difficult, vulnerable moments in their lives, building trust is immensely important as a nurse and it comes with a great sense of accomplishment when i achieve this."

But the arduous hours and intense pressure, take their toll. Staff shortages, Courtney explains, is a huge problem in the NHS. "The pressure of having to look after your 8 patients that are sick, organise discharges, liaise with doctors about ill patients, speak to social work, occupational therapists and physio therapists, organise scans, make sure everyone is eating, drinking and going to the toilet, check blood glucose levels etc...and having to document everything you do, while trying to help others, can feel impossible some days. And that’s just some of the things nurses have to do haha. But the rewards outweigh the stress...most days."

When the pandemic hit, Courtney opted in to work full time in a care position, caring for those with dementia. "Working in dementia care amidst the pandemic has been heart wrenching. Covid-19 has robbed patients of their relatives and loved ones, and this has had devastating effects in some cases."

Covid-19 it has interrupted my mod alpha and bravo basic training for the 205 army reserves field hospital unit. Once I qualify I would like to start my career working in a busy medical admissions unit. It’s a great place to start as there is lots going on and loads to learn. passing out I will continue to advance my knowledge in trauma in the field, as that is where my heart lies.