Weddings in 2020

Well, that was a hell of a ride, right? At the dawn of a new year, wedding photographers nation wide post their "best of" blog posts, rounding up their favourite portfolio shots of the previous year. (here's mine from last year)

Yet here we are. This post should have included stunning weddings in Italy, Shetland and across Scotland which I was so excited about. Instead, last minute micro weddings were the only ones that took place.

Nobody knows for sure when weddings as we knew them will return. But that doesn't mean love is cancelled. My 2020 round up is simply smaller and quirkier this year.

Gone are the ceilidhs and aunties & uncles. Instead, we have speeches given via Zoom, guests present in cardboard form, masked bridesmaids and plenty of hand sanitiser. But we've also had some moments that are so memorable, like Alice and Reece's tearful first dance outside as the sun set and Emma & Jame's grabbing some good old fish and chips.

I am so grateful for every couple who chose to storm ahead in the face of adversity. These weddings may have been a lot smaller in scale but they were none the less absolutely bursting with love.

See you on the other side ✌🏼